RCCGPAL and Our Stance on Abortion – the real neoHalocaust ideology

Many of you know that this is a Church. RCCG stands for “The Redeemed Christian Church of God”. The mere fact that you see “Christian” and “Church” in the same context brings in all sorts of connotations as to what “box” or “group” you’re going to put this Church into. It is very important that we make our stance very clear. The head of this Church, Pastor Trude Adewoyin, has made it very clear the kind of spirit that she wants to bring about in @rccgpal: It is a spirit of Grace – one that does not attack muslims, atheists, norminal Christians or non-affiliated people. So it is important to know that all views expressed here are the views of the authour, me. I am the one who is researching and finding out what I personally believe @rcccgpal stands for in terms of abortion laws.

Surely, as a Church, and seeing that this is a very sensitive topic, we would like to stay quiet over broadcasting this on our News/ Blogs but rather quietly tell you and let you know should you be be to be so interested in what our stance actually is. @rccgpal is a chruch that encourages dialogue; we agree. we disagree and agree-to-disagree on vrious matters of theology, ecclesiology and evangelism. We recognise and appreciate that despite the seemingly simplicity of life, interacting in the social world of freewilled men put a lot of complexity in reality. So we encourage everyone’s uniquness as long as they do not believe to violate what we believe to be core values of what we stand for.

So, from whence cometh this issue of abortion? and why is it becoming more and more important to take a stand on it? Why is it that the abortion debate is becoming more and more polarised and we, as a church, cannot remain anymore silent on it. Well, it is because we are a Church and we believe that the government alone cannot deal with this issue. If you’ve had your ears pilled on the news nowadays, you would have noticed that the states of Georgia, Missouri and Alabama in the United States of America has come under great backlash and scrutiny over their abortion laws. This is somewhat of a conundrum because because the abortion laws are not as absolute as the mainstream media wants you to believe. They virtually never seem to attack the matter itself.

You virtually never hear of news positioned in a way that gets you an education on what the Abortion laws actually say. It would seem that in this age and generation, the news organisation have found out that people care more about what celebrities say in their #YouKnowMe hashtag abortion story movement than what the Truth actually says. This is why I like what Candance Owens says in her video: Dear Celebrities: No One Cares What You Think

And I think she did a balanced job onthat. Others may say, “Its not the fault of the mainstream media companies as they are dying out with President Donald Trump coining the word #FakeNews – other new independent journalism have seem to have arisen and people would rather trust others who were there, who personally recorded videos on twitter, snapchat and facebook regarding the situation. The Mainstream media is being trusted less and less nowadays to actually tell the truth or display the “spirit” of the Truth in Good Faith and not just go for clickbaits. Well, we will see how far that will take them.

Back to the matter of abortion – in our outrage culture, there are people who are sensitised by facts or people who are sensitised by feelings on a case by case basis. At the heart of the matter, the laws over abortion is not a logical fact – who cares if a few babies die – people die in this world all the time. The laws of abortion are an emotional argument primarily, followed by the secondary consistency or coherence of good logic. This is not a political left vs. right issue because there are people on both parts of the political spectrum who favour abortion on many different bipartisan issues.  

This is rather a Moral issue. And in a world run mad by moral relativism, we have to fight for what our moral conscience tells us

So where does @rccgpal stand on this issue of abortion? Simply, we abhor abortion. We hate it so much – in every sense of the word.

Now I earlier spoke about the abortion laws and I can tell you that those abortion laws we hear of from the USA are not absolute. They are limited. The abortion laws say that if you can detect a heart beat in the baby, it is illegal FOR THE DOCTOR to abort that baby – even if you did it in another state and came back to that state, if you get caught, you would be prosecuted and may face jail time. The exceptions include where the baby poses a serious threat to the life of the mother.

The New York late abortion laws as seen in the video above, go on to prove that this “exception” can be stretched to mean a lot of things. It does not mean “fatal” risk to the mother but could mean “mental” risk to the mother and one should be careful about this.

So, why is this such a controversial issue? Well there are several arguments I want to debunk:

Limits on Abortion equals More illegal/ unsafe Abortions

This is for the most case, most probably true – and it is logical in the sense of the propositoin.

  • if you make abortion illegal, abortion becomes illegal
  • people who want to abort, will surely abort one way or the other – and this could involve unsafe means

So this argument is still sensible. Give or take, a little under 30% of any given population of preganancies will result in an abortion. That is 3 in every 10 people. One of the contributing factors to abortion being so low is the fact of contraception, condomns, counselling and, in essence, family planning. But here is the issue we are trying to solve for:

Do abortion laws help stop abortions? What good are they for?

When does life begin?

This is the elephant in the room and the whole reason for this blog/ news. We, @rccgpal, wholly believe that human life begins at conception. And I believe that law makers have had their conscience woken up by many prolife advocates incluing ex abortion clinc director Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson says that NO ABORTION is safe because a human life with a beating heart has to die. She calls pro-abortion people to seek healing while calling abortion a “NEW LOW”. She also likens abortion to the Nazi Halocaust.

So what good do restrictive abortions laws do to a society? Well, this is the message: IF YOU WANT TO KILL YOUR BABY, DO IT YOURSELF, NO DOCTOR WILL HELP YOU. Isn’t it funny how facebook, youtube, twitter etc will censor an abortion proceedure taking place? There is a greusome technique in killing your pregnancy and the abortion laws do not care for your pro-choice bluff that you would kill your own baby yourself in an unsafe way. You want to kill your baby, do it with your own hands – bloody your hands, see what you are doing, let your conscience prick you – you deserve to see the consequences of your actions … whether you were raped or not. There is no need to get a doctor involved to take away the gruesome consequencies of your actions from you.

Abortion is not a right. ASSUMING for arguemnts sake that abortion was actually a woman’s right, why are is my tax money used to fund it?

  • Freedom speech is a right but the Government does not pay me to speak, create a website or write a book.
  • Freedom of religion is a right but the Governement does not pay my church to assemble, to open find a permananet site and gorw.

So why does my tax money go towards abortion? I am a Christian and I do not want to be complicit in your uterus decisions. Also, there is a double standard here. You’d normally hear the rhethoric from prochoicers, “Keep your politics/ laws out of my uterus” or “Stay out of my vagina”. These things are common knowledge happening nowadays. Well, if you don’t want my politics in your uterus, then am I free to tax away my tax money away from your uterus too? Abrotion should be highly expensive and rare … and if you still wanna do it, bloody your own hands, not mine.

Rape Victims

Now there are people who would say that @rccgpal is taking an unfair stance in this situation and there are people who are victims of rape. However, it is not the victims of rape who have to pay for this. The baby who has a heartbeat by approximately 6 weeks and 6 days. The bible says in Ezekiel 18:20

The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.

The child is not the father, so why should ANOTHER VICTIM pay for the sins of the choices of the Father? This is what the horrible father wants. Because he knows that if you keep this baby, one day, as they say in africa, the rooster will come back home to roost. I believe the children will condemn the father if my tax does not do anything in the state. I believe that the state should not kill any rapist too quickly. I believe that rapist should be put into FORCED HARD labour for many years to pay for the welfare of the child till an age where the child becomes independent. During while the mother can give the thumbs-up to the state if the man should be castrated. After which the independent-child and mother can choose if the rapist father should be released or put to death. This is how strong my stance is regarding rape. But I also feel like: IT IS A TERRIBLE MISTAKE TO LET THE CHILD PAY FOR THE SINS OF THE FATHER.

There are many children that exist today who are the products of rape – I would never call the a “sin of their father”. As a Christian, I believe that they are unique, cherished and blessed children of God – infinitely loved.

Other Bad ProChoice Arguments

  1. The Child could have a horrible life because of my finances. I do not believe that a child is raised individually. It takes a community to raise a child. Now I know that I am in the UK and I look at what’s happening in the US sometimes but I realsie that there are other countries out there too. So, even if you do not have the government to help you, there is the community, there are charities, there are churches etc. If finances is an issue for you, I do not think you should let your child die without a good fight. This rebuttal also applies if you feel shame over having a baby and your family does not approve; there are other people and charities you can run to. I am confident that there will always be help out there.
  2. The Child could have a horrible life because he would have come out with complications in health or be deformed and I do not want him to suffer in life. Now who are you to dictate the future of another human being? Who knows if the quirk of your child is needed to bring about a great world change like find a solutin to cancer or find a solution to longer life up to 300 years old? Or maybe if there would be solutions in the future that may cure your child. Well… either way, even if you win this bet and your child would suffer, that argument does not ‘carry on’ to everyuy other person who are having horrible conditions in life – when is it ever ok to kill another human being because they have a horrible condition? NEVER
  3. The child is dependent on the mother and it is the mother’s choice: There are many other children – OUTSIDE THE WOMB – who are still dependent on their mothers. If we stay consistent with this logic, is it ever ok to kill another human being just because they are dependent on the mother?
  4. Its just a bundle of cells and cannot be considerd human when in the womb: Now who is to say that being outside a womb magically makes you a human? This is the same horrible rationale that has birthed New Yorks late abortion laws. If the child is just a bundle of cells, you know what else is technically a bundle of cells? You. You too are a bundle of cells. This child has a unique DNA that is not the mother’s DNA.
  5. It is the woman’s choice: Well, does the child get a choice in this matter? And who is to say the child cannot choose? You can choose! You just don’t have the standard level of communication to find out if a child wants to be alive. Well, here’s a psychology theory: Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs” which shows that even a “simple cell” reacts to simple pain in such a way as to counter the pain.
  6. If there are any other prochoice abotion arguments you know, tell them… apart from killing a child just because it poses a fatal threat to the life of the other.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Future Steps Against Abortion

As a Christian, I believe that there are things we can do in the future to fight abortion. There are artificial wombs being researched on that I think every Christian should invest in. You don’t want your child? Don’t worry, we will take care of him/ her for you and make sure they get adopted into a more loving and competent home – being pregnant is not your fault, wanting to kill your preganancy, I will not fund, that one, is your sin and your fault. There are all sorts of eschatological consequences to this technology especially if it falls into tyrannical/ satanic hands but if it could stop the killing of more people, I will surely invest in this.

I urge you to continue to pray against abortion. A country that kills its children, kills its future and I do not want my tax money going to that to make me complicit in going to hell because I fear God. Kill your own child yourrself and erode your conscience in a false sense of self-liberation.

Hope for Abortionist

There is hope in Jesus if you have had an abortion or if you have aborted a child. Many of you Christians need a little bit of faith. Grow with Jesus, Get to know HIM. HE said,

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

Isaiah 1:18

Your heavenly Father wants to be at peace with you. HE loves you. There is so much grace and help available as you fight in this your good fight of faith.

This has been me exploring the views of @rccgpal as an institution and not as members. Members who may have a different point of view may discuss them continually with ourselves. More Grace to you all. I pray that the Lord Jesus keeps you free from all sin and writes your life story in a very beautiful way. God be with you .

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