My Message to MGTOW men


So I’m writing this post to gather my mind around MGTOW. I, personally, I love women – well, as a Child of God lol … but I have watched some of these MGTOW videos and they have actually caused me to think.

Many of them actually point to the difference between men and women in general and the rise of neo-feminism – i.e., third wave feminism, spiting into the hurt and injury of MGTOW men, such as the #MeToo hashtage movement; have not seem, in pop-culture, to add an ounce of betterment to the affairs of men.

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So what should be done regarding these RedPilled men. There other redpilled men such as PUA (Pick Up Artists), MRA (Men’s Rights Activists) etc.

I personally take issue with the claims of the MGTOW community: that women (in a statistical generality sense) are hypergamous in nature and cannot be trusted to “actually” love…

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