Rape Jokes – Are they alright?


This is a very disorientating question to inquire into. From one perspective, in our woke, politically correct culture, rape jokes seem to be the devil’s liquor. Of course, can anyone still see the hidden irony in that? Aren’t there people who would love the drink of the devil ‘s liquor? like, for real? I know I’m a Christian and I do not drink but this is the essence of the argument that I am making

One Man’s poison is another man’s food

One Man’s trash is another man’s treasure

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Isnt this the spirit behind multiculturalism? Isnt this the spirit behing diversity? So, what is happening here? Isn’t diversity our strength anymore? I know I do not believe that diversity is our strength but those who pander this rhethric always say this. So why the change of heart all of a sudden?

Look! Consider this:

See the source image

There are people in…

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