The Pastor’s Responsibilities and Duties (according to Scripture)

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All pastors have had to deal with expectations from various people, especially in terms of their roles and job descriptions. Some people are vocal about the expectations. Others quietly stew with anger because the pastor is supposedly not fulfilling what they want of him.

In the Scriptures, there are three primary divisions of the pastor’s responsibilities and duties. These also apply to the local church elders, since the pastor is an elder too. Listed in order of priority, their responsibilities and duties are first to God, secondly to himself, and then toward others.  All too often members in the local church reverse the order, only to the detriment of their personal and corporate well-being in Christ.  Perhaps, much grief can be eliminated for the pastor or conflict decreased between the pastor and fellow members if they began with what God expects of the pastor (and elder)?

This lesson is in…

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