My Doctrinal Disagreement with Pastor Joseph Selman on the Gospel of Grace as incomplete without the “Gospel of the Kingdom”


I was listening to @PastorJosephSelman today from the video below

When you go around timestamp 28:28 out of the 5 hour video, this is what he says

…listen, please and please, I don’t mean this to discredit ministers and ministries in the body of Christ but I’ve said it again and again that the message of Grace is only an accurate message if it is accepted as part of the full Gospel – are you getting my point? The Whole Gospel must be preached. There is a level to which the Grace message is taught and just tells you, “Oh! Don’t concentrate on your love for God, concentrate on His Love for you, and concentrate on all that and you know, anything will happen, everything has been done”.

Wonderful! WHAT THEN IS THE REWARD OF OBEDIENCE? Why then is there hell fire? If everything is like that God must apologise…

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