Christianity and Tattoos

What does the bible say about tattoos? On the one hand, we see in Leveiticus 19:28 that Tattoos are vehemently disallowed in the bible. On the other hand, we see places where God/ Jesus seems to have a tattoo (Revelations 19:16, Isaiah 49:16). So what is happening here?

There are several answers to this:

  • no! Tattoos are bad! …. well, are they that bad? What of those who were not christians in those days and then got a tattoo and after that, then they became a convert into Christianity. Are they not allowed to be Christians anymore because they have tattoos? Are they to be labelled as “fake christians” just because they have tattoos? … I do not think that this is the way that we should treat other Christians who have a tattoo. But are we also going to discourage others from having tattoos? Well, this is the subject we’re going to discuss about today.

Here in the @rccgpal, we do not advise that tattoos are acceptable. For because of how “in the grey areas” this doctrine of tattoos are, it is better to stay far away from what seems to be sin than to toy with it. We do not want to use the liberty by whihc God has saved us by to willfully commit a sin.

However, we also believe in the distinction between God’s Grace and God’s Law. In the Law of Moses, we know that Tattoos are wrong. So what of outside the Law of Moses? What of other nations that have tattoos as a culture? What of other Tribes and Cultures that tattoo such as the traditional people of New Zealand? How does Church Syncretism work in this case?

Image result for new zealand haka tattoo

This is why I am referring to a denominational solution. Let God talk to you. Let HIM tell you if tattoos are alright for you or not. Tattoos or no tattoos will not make you miss your salvation in heaven. People go to hell for not believeing in Jesus, for not having faith in Jesus, not because they have or not-have a tattoo.

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