Debunking Kevin Wesley #1


I am listening to Kevin Wesley because I have a very precious friend of mine whom I love very much who said that she has been discouraged from being a Christian because she has was listening to Kevin Wesley. She has not told me the specificity as to whch part of what Kevin said actually gave her the final push from “believer” to “unbeliever”. So with this blog, I wish to reach out to her and see if I can debunk Kevin Wesley using logic, common sense and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit; so help me God.

PRAYER: Holy Spirit, help me write this blog and grant me wisdom to hear your word and what you may be teaching me from all this. Let no one fall for false teaching again and if possible, save Kevin Wesley too by YOUR Grace. Show him and his family mercy in Jesus’…

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Theological Class

Incorporeality and Omniscience


Closure on God’s Incorporeality

To recall the big picture, we’ve been looking at the attributes of God. We’ve discussed the infinite attributes of God, and then we began to discuss the personal attributes of God. The first of those that we’ve been looking at most recently is God’s incorporeality, that is to say, God’s being a spiritual, immaterial being rather than a physical, extended being. We argued that God is best understood as an infinite unembodied mind and that we as finite minds are created in his image even though we are embodied in this physical world.


I want to close this section by drawing out three applications from God’s incorporeality.

  1. That which is ultimate is not material in nature. The ultimate reality is spiritual in nature, not material. That is to say, persons are the locus of value whether these be the divine persons of the Trinity…

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